Your Body Has a Secret


By Guest Blogger Josh Kosnick, CLU, ChFC, District Director & Financial Advisor Middleton, WI

"I'll try it. I'm an open-minded guy," I remember telling Alissa when she offered to teach me Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). In my mind, I have to admit I was very curious what TRE would be like and how it could possibly help with stress. Alissa led me through a series of exercises and I was amazed at how my body took over. It knew just what to do as my legs and torso shook involuntarily, releasing tension patterns. I remember Alissa explaining that we are all genetically encoded to be able to release the "fight or flight" cycle through TRE. Who knew my body held this secret for all of these years.

After doing some research on TRE, I have found that it is being used by the United States Military, elite athletes and in other parts of the world where health care is not as readily available. I have to say that I sleep better, feel calmer and am not as reactive to situations that would have been stressful to me in the past. The best part is that once you learn it you can just relax and let your body do its own work.

In addition to helping me in my personal life, I feel extremely calm with clients. I can create an even stronger atmosphere of safety and relaxation. No matter how clients are feeling, my body is calm and I stay grounded. This has been such a gift to both me, my staff and my clients.

I think that we can all benefit from learning TRE as a regular tool for stress management, especially in our business. Your clients can feel your energy. You can feel your energy. Since we are all in the attraction business, having a calm, centered body is another arrow in your quiver.