Why "Unleash" Yourself?

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

"I love being a Rep because I can help people. But I just don't know how long I can do this," is a comment I often hear when coaching Northwestern Mutual Reps all over the country. My goal is that everyone who gives the Unleash Your Practice® coaching immersion program a try will stop before the word "But...".

Reps have taught me so much about themselves and about my myself. You want to, and do, help people very much. I love that about Northwestern Mutual reps. I feel the same way. You want to make it career. You have my dedication and support. You are out of balance with your life. I assure you it won't take years to find it. You work a lot. I think you could play a bit more. You suffer from some nerves. I know a way to find calm. You worry sometimes you won't make it. Let's change your mind.

The reps I have had the privilege to know are driven, extremely bright, passionate people who love to help others. This program is customized to Northwestern Mutual through my partnership with many reps who have taught me what most matters to them and how it works to run a practice. I want to specially thank Karl Dettmann, CLU, whose practice is based in Middleton, Wisconsin at The Kosnick Financial Group. He has taught me so much and inspired me even more.

I encourage you to allow yourself three days of intensive coaching to invest in yourself. Past participants have told us after their experience that they write more business and feel happier and more confident doing it. Our team has designed the program to immerse you in the concepts and live them. See for yourself that they work. We will send you with materials to work on and review with your mentor and stay in touch with you for accountability.

What do you have to lose? Why not unleash yourself?