Why Aren’t You Dialing?

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

There are probably many ways you can answer this question with regards to running your financial practice, right?

How about the following:

I get distracted and don’t do it.

I am lazy.

I hate rejection.

I just don’t like phoning.

Whatever your reason, there is something you can do about it. Figure out a new habit. Habits are something our human minds rely on. We save time and resources when our brains are on autopilot. Without realizing it, you have systematized your life. For example, do you spend time each morning deciding whether to brush your teeth, and if so, if you will first apply toothpaste to the toothbrush or wet the brush? Probably not! Much of what we do day-in-and-and-day-out is simply habit.

Interestingly, our brains are not picky about the habits. They could be good, bad or neutral and our brains will repeat them. Here’s where you come in. You can change your habits and start doing the things you most want.

Here is one technique: the 5 whys

State your reason for not dialing. “I get distracted and don’t do it.”

Ask “why?”

“I go on Facebook and ESPN.com instead.”


“Because I am bored.”


“I am not excited about my list.”


“I don’t really like who I’m working with right now.”


“I have never really thought about working with a different type of client.”

Huh. Doesn’t sound like distraction to me. The 5 whys help you get the the root cause of your bad habit so that you can directly address that instead of beating yourself up. In this case, the issue is not distractibility. That’s the symptom. Figuring out your ideal client how to get new Qualified Suspects who you are more interested in working with is a great start.

Another technique is to figure out your bigger Why. Why are you in this business? Why do you want to be a good phoner anyway? If you can’t answer this question, I’m guessing “I am lazy” is an easy out. When you do your dials what is the payoff? Anchor in to your values and a deeper belief in your work. If your aim is to provide a high level of service and solid financial guidance for a lifetime to change lives for the better, might it be worth a few minutes of discomfort on the phone? Write down your why, lock in to it and watch your “laziness” vanish.

A third way at overcoming dialing pain is to figure out what your limiting beliefs are, such as “I hate rejection.” Fair enough. But do you hate it more than weeks of low activity? More than worrying about payroll? What is it costing you to “hate rejection?”

Finally, if you “just don’t like phoning” perhaps you can build a good habit based on what dialing does for you. Your cue to dial is likely back from Sales School days—it’s 9:00 a.m. What is your routine? Right now your routine is broken since you’re not dialing. If your current routine is, for example, Facebook and chatting with people around the office you may be craving social connection. Can you replace this routine with one that better serves you such as connecting with people on the phone who you want to work with. Now you have the cue, the routine and your reward is a full calendar. Celebrate your new success by socializing with your friends after hours to really fill your deeper need. A few trips through this new routine will create a new habit to overwrite your old one.

While habits can be good or bad, the way you work with them is your choice. Due to our biology, we are hardwired to have them. Leverage this and dialing will become as natural and unquestioned as brushing your teeth.