What is it like to go through the Unleash program? Read Mike Casey's firsthand account.

By Guest Blogger Michael Charles Casey, CLTC, CLU® Northwestern Mutual Field Director - Woburn, MA

Leading up to the Unleash Your Practice® program I was half excited and half expecting to hear recycled sales ideas and language. Within the first hour I was engaged in releasing tension in places I didn't know existed through a series of exercises, stretching and breathing. This unique experience didn't stop after that hour. I was forced to look internally when reviewing my interactions with friends, family and clients. Then encouraged to allow myself to be me (much harder than it is for me to write).

This training program was the most unique and relevant opportunity I have had to better myself by learning to listen to my body my thoughts and act like me. Now my language is improved and I did get reminded of an old sales idea that works but the renewed comfort and focus caused my best friend and wife to ask why I was so happy when I got back.

The last piece of feedback we gave the Unleash team was to have our same group back to continue this amazing process. We recommended ourselves to do this, after we just finished. I assume you are concluding that I would recommend you to do this too.