Use Collaboration and Permission to Develop QSs Who Will Take Your Calls

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

Imagine what your life would be like for a moment if Qualified Suspects (QSs) took your calls. And not only took your calls right away, but responded to you that they knew you’d be calling. Visualize your calendar filling with ease week after week. What would you be willing to do to make this a reality?

The good news is that you do not have to give away your first born! Most Financial Representatives (FRs) either don’t spend much time if any teeing up prospects with nominators or just flat out tell the nominator what to do: “Please send an email to your friend. I will email you a template to use.”

How do you feel when people tell you what to do?

Just make your 40 dials.

Take out the trash.

Contact your friend and tell him I will be calling.

Most people react like a teenager being told to clean his or her room whether they show it or not. How about a new way that everyone can feel good about?

How to collaboratively tee-up prospects and gain permission:

Imagine you are meeting with an FR and this is how the teeing-up portion of the prospecting goes. How would you feel? As the client, would you be more or less likely to follow through?

FR: (Client has just provided first QS and information about his or her background) I would definitely like to meet Bob. Thank you so much! How do you and Bob usually communicate?

Client: We text a lot.

FR: Would you be willing to text Bob and let him know we talked and that I will be contacting him?

Client: Sure

FR: When will you have a chance to text Bob?

Client: I could do it later today.

FR: That would be great. I will plan to call Bob Monday morning. Will you let me know if you don’t contact him before then?

Client: Yes

FR: Again, thank you so much.


How many times in this scenario did the FR ask the client to participate in the process and gain his or her permission? Four times!

At any time was the client told what to do? No!

What was the feeling of the conversation? Collaborative! Permission-seeking!

The amazing thing is that FRs report that when they use this simple language that clients do follow through because they agreed to do so three or more times. Referrals pick up the phone and know who you are. They are already teed up and more receptive to your call and scheduling. This one-minute process will begin your relationship with your potential client at a whole new level.

One more aspect of prospecting that is often overlooked is the value of a simple handwritten thank you note (written by YOU). When someone provides you with A/A+ referrals AND tees them up for you, take a moment to thank them in writing. In a world of emails and texts, a handwritten note gets attention.

I invite you to try it. Would you be willing to do so? When will you do it? Will you let me know when you do?