TRE for Daily Success

By Guest Blogger Erik Kasabuske Northwestern Mutual, Germantown, WI

Since learning about TRE (Tension Releasing Exercises) while attending the “Unleash Your Practice” program it has become the way I start my day and sometimes how I break up a highly stressful day so I can stay productive. I can tell you that after only four days of regular TRE people were telling me that there was something different about me. Phoning has started to feel more effortless and meetings have been much easier to set. During meetings I feel calm and confident and that helps prospects feel much more at ease when we are meeting for the first time. My wife was out of town on business and after not seeing each other for a week she even told me I looked younger and happier than I have been for a long time. It’s sad to think that at the age of 30 I was so worn down with stress and anxiety that it was making me feel and look much older than I am. After going through the program and learning how to utilize TRE, I’ve just started to understand how much stress and anxiety effects our lives, health, and practices. I look forward to the continued progress that TRE will bring and I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of a simple yet powerful tool. If nothing else, do it for the people that have to deal with you every day. They will really appreciate it!