Rise Above Adversity and Stress by Learning a New Tool

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

I never used to tell people this. My whole life changed one day when I was driving home from work in Madison, Wisconsin in April, 2002. It was a gray day with the sky lightly spitting a combination of snow and rain. I was waiting in my Saturn car with my turn signal blinking on and off to take a left turn. I glanced at the rear view mirror and saw a semi-tractor trailer coming up fast from behind my car. I knew I was going to be hit. Other cars were all around me so I couldn’t move. I sat and waited the moments it took to feel the impact of 80 tons of truck hitting my vehicle.

“You’re lucky to be alive,” said an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at the scene. “Usually people don’t survive being hit by a semi,” she explained.

You can imagine that this experience has shaped me in many different ways. First, gratitude. Every single safety feature of my car worked perfectly and I miraculously escaped with minor injuries. The major injury had yet to present itself—Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

As time passed, I found that sleeping, driving, staying calm and basic daily routines started to become very hard for me. Eventually, I discovered Dr. David Berceli’s Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) in 2011 and am, today, blessedly symptom-free after many years of suffering. (I am pictured with Berceli in the photo above at a TRE training.) In fact, it is TRE that allows me to share this experience with you without the risk of re-traumatization in recounting my story.

I share this with you because we all experience various traumas in life. I could let this experience keep me stuck, or I could seek to transcend it and learn how to help other people who have experienced trauma. Which, by the way, we all do in some way in our lifetimes (whether we are aware of it specifically in these terms or not.) I am passionate about sharing this genetically-encoded ability that our human bodies have to self-regulate from a state of fight-or-flight to rest-and-digest. Regular TRE is one of the best practices we recommend to our clients for optimal coaching results. “When the body lets go, the mind lets go,” says Berceli.

I have gone on to become a Certified TRE Provider who teaches other people how to soothe their nervous systems. I have helped to train staff at Veteran’s Hospitals so that they can use this United States Military-approved treatment to help people who have fought for our country. I have reached people who suffered from violent crime, abuse…and, of course, people who feel very, very anxious running a financial practice.

You can enjoy better sleep, a sense of well-being and an easy way to relax by learning TRE. A side benefit is that it will help you build an attraction-based practice. Once you learn it, you will likely be able to use this tool for the rest of your life. Please accept my offer and experience it for yourself.

Hope to see you there. I’m so glad to be HERE in so many ways.

Coaching Tip

Watch this 5 minute short video to learn more about TRE.