New Program Announced to Complement Your Financial Planning Process

by Certified Life Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

Have you ever had a meeting with a client turn emotional when a client shared something personal with you? "Even if you 'don’t want to go there,' you will almost surely have clients who will. You are required to competently respond to your clients when they open up to you. Your words, actions, and reactions will likely have a profound effect on your clients’ lives. Our finding that 74 percent of financial planners have encountered a situation in which a client became emotionally distraught illustrates the intensity and import of the planner-client relationship,” according to an article by by Lyle Sussman, Ph.D., and David Dubofsky, Ph.D., CFA in the Journal of Financial Planning published in September 2009.

To meet an emerging need, Unleash Your Practice announces a new program called “Unleash Your Life” available exclusively to Financial Representatives (FRs) at Northwestern Mutual. A new trend in financial planning is for financial advisors to partner with certified life coaches. You can now provide additional services to your clients that complement your ability to help your clients plan their best lives possible. We share your values of helping clients to experience more joy and fulfillment in their lives.

"As a Wealth Management Advisor I can provide a truly holistic planning experience for my clients by referring them to life coaches who can help my clients get out of their own way," said Karl Dettmann, WMA at the Kosnick Financial Group in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Refer your clients to our team of certified life coaches to provide your clients the latest in holistic planning. Many of you have shared with us that, while you coach your clients already, there is a line when trying to support a client who has limiting beliefs, fears and other issues holding them back.

Would your client benefit from life coaching?

  • Does your client seem "stuck" in life?
  • Is your client unable to move forward with financial planning--not because of limited resources--but because of negative past experiences or fear?

To participate, please visit and download a handout to give to your clients you wish to refer. Contact us with your client's name and contact information and our team will take it from there. Refer your client for life coaching with a professional, certified life coach. Most advisors pay for eight sessions. You may also refer clients who prefer to self pay.

These sessions are completely confidential. No coaching information will be shared with the financial firm and your financial planning process will not be shared with the coach at any time for any reason. If you believe that your client is troubled and is in need of mental health services, suggest that they contact their doctor or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Unleash Your Life guarantees the same level of quality coaching, customer service and support that you have come to expect from Unleash Your Practice. Contact us for more information by calling Practice Manager Megan Haefner at 608-662-7764 or at

Coaching Tip When a financial planning meeting turns emotional, don’t panic. Sometimes active listening is enough to provide support. If you feel your client may be in need of mental health services, encourage your client to contact their physician.