Learn the 5 Habits of Happy and Successful FRs

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

At Annual Meeting this summer, how did you react when you saw financial representatives (FRs) walk by with several feet of ribbons flowing from their name badges? Are you curious how they pull it all off? Here are five habits of happy reps:

1) They don’t “compare and despair.” If you spend your time wishing you could be or act like another advisor and even trying to run your practice like they do, you are missing the point. The best version of yourself is—YOU. Your most authentic, real self will ultimately happily succeed. This is the advisor who will attract clients and write the most business while enjoying your free time. Spending your time trying to replicate someone else’s practice is a waste of time. Honor yourself and your unique talents and expertise. Spend your time learning who you really are, healing your past and adjusting your thinking if you want to get on the hot track.

2) They face the fear and tame it. It is natural to feel anxious and fearful when you’re starting your practice. Your fight or flight instinct (let’s call it “the lizard”)  is very sensitive to any situation that feels like there is scarcity or any type of threat—physical or psychological. The sooner you learn to tame your lizard, the sooner you will release the struggle. When you are fueled by fear and anxiety you risk repelling your clients, physical suffering such as comprised sleep and poor mental health and ultimately burnout. Learn how to calm your mind and body and you will build an attraction business that is far easier. Happy top producers get a handle on this quickly by learning about their nervous system and then actively working on it.

3) They focus on revenue-producing activities and know what they are good at and not-so-good at. How do you spend your time? If you are burning up your time checking emails, running reports and other non-revenue producing activity while avoiding phoning, copy talk, networking and other activities that will move you forward it’s time to reassess. Figure out what your critical activities are and do not sacrifice them for anything.

4) Have a little fun! Once you are using your time strategically you will find it easier to enjoy your free time. In fact, you may make more efficient use of your time if you know you have a tee time. Plan some time to relax, recharge and play! A happy and relaxed FR will run a better practice every time.

5) Spend time regularly working ON your business (versus IN your business). Once you have tamed your lizard and learned that you can take a little time away, it gets easier to set aside some time to plan and strategize how to best run your practice. For some, spending a little time each morning before the day starts is vital. Additionally, take an hour or two once a week to look up and see where you’re headed. Once per quarter, consider a half day off-site retreat for even bigger thinking. If you have staff, communicate the plan so you are all rowing in the same direction.

Hope to see you (and your long streaming ribbons) next year at Annual Meeting…with a huge and genuine smile on your face.