Is Coaching an Investment or an Expense?


by Guest Blogger Al Schor, Northwestern Mutual

How much have you invested in yourself since you started your practice? If you are like most Financial Representatives I know, you might think that this is a future luxury to enjoy when you hit Forum or some other goal. But what if this investment helped you MAKE Forum? What is your success worth to you?

If you consider the definition of expense to be the cost required for something, then technically the only cost of coaching is your time. If you invest time that will allow you to grow personally and professionally, you will see a return. Alissa Gauger will coach you on how to be more efficient with your time, thoughts, feelings, and energy which will allow you, the producer, to generate more revenue.

My coaching investment allows me to live a balanced life while also producing at over $1 million of premium and over 200 lives.

When you decide to take this risk she will transform you personally and professionally! Keep breaking boundaries. See you at the top!