Improve Your Made to Kept Ratio

By Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

Have you ever had a week where you watched appointments fall off your calendar like autumn leaves on a tree? If so, were any of the following circumstances true?

  • You have been working like crazy and you are starting to feel the stress getting to you.
  • There is a major life event, crisis or stressor happening.
  • You doubt yourself and the value you provide a little or maybe a lot.

If any of these is true, then you will likely see it reflected in your Appointment Efficiency - Made to Kept %. The good news is that you can do something about it.

If circumstance number one is happening for you, it’s time to recharge. Striving hard endlessly with no room for celebration of your achievements and time for rest and relaxation is not sustainable. Determine what fills you up and do it. Your business is far more complex than you simply inputing hours and sheer force to output production. Look in the “mirror” and see what your business is showing you. If it isn’t pretty, it’s time to nourish yourself, go have fun, see your loved ones, take care of your body and take a break. Watch what your business reflects back at you when you make self care a habit.

If scenario two is occurring, I give you permission to be human! You are not a machine! Life is going to happen—plan for it. At some point you or a loved one will probably get sick, get married, have kids, have a fight, etc. Denying this denies your humanity. Allow yourself to take care of what is happening and be fully present to attend to it. The situation will likely resolve more quickly than you half-heartedly tending to it instead of giving it the full focus it needs. If it is a joyful occasion, let go and embrace it. Your business will be there for you when you return.

Scenario three is happening to Financial Representatives at all levels of production, years in the business and at every life stage. It is natural to have some thoughts that happen that simply are not true. Can you isolate the thought that feels the worst? Ask yourself: Is it true? Can you absolutely know that it’s true?

For example, let’s say you set an appointment, but you feel like it may not keep because the Qualified Suspect (QS) is an A+ and you’re not sure you are good enough/know enough/deserve it, etc. Believe it or not, but this faintly set meeting is likely to fall off as long as you are believing these thoughts. Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs shape your life and outcomes.

What thought would better serve you? For example, I am good enough. I know enough. I deserve to work with A+ clients. No, you are not Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live who says “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough, and and, gosh darn it, people like me,” into a mirror in the comedy sketch. This really works and is no joke.

Here is a fun way to knock thoughts out that don’t serve you if you prefer the comedy route. Download the apps AutoRap and Songify—both by Smule. Record the untrue thought in the app and listen to it as a rap or a song. You will likely quickly part ways with the thought and find yourself laughing.

Today, imagine a tree in the springtime or summer that is lush with leaves. Take some time to work with your habits and your thoughts to make this visualization the true representation of your practice. Monitor your progress by watching your Made to Kept improve. Keeping your appointments is as important as setting them. You are more than good enough, and gosh darn it, clients do like you.