I'm Issuing a Challenge

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

"We should do this every day," I shout over my shoulder to my wife Carrie. I could feel the streaming air waking me up earlier than usual one morning as I pedaled my bike through the neighborhood. For a moment I shook my head at what I was doing. When I first met coach Alissa Gauger, I believed that working out meant a sweaty, painful ordeal. Here I was taking in the fresh air, sunrise and the company of my wife with a big grin on my face. Alissa has taught me through our work together that I can enjoy exercise. This is just one small way she has helped me learn that I can enhance every part of my life and business just by changing my thoughts and beliefs.

In our business, we often think to ourselves that if we can just make it to a milestone...MDRT, a certain number of lives, Forum, five years, ten years in the business....that THEN we will be happy. Why not be happy now? I have learned that my happiness translates directly into writing more business. Alissa has convinced me to rest and play more, to make family dinners the highest priority and to love what I do by letting go of my fear and pain. And my numbers show it.

The amazing thing is that it's not just my numbers. It's the other Northwestern Mutual reps she works with. It's also my agency's reps who have gone through her Unleash Your Practice® program. Two took part in her May session and they came back changed-writing more business, happily running their practices with more confidence, collaborating more with others and overall newly loving what they do. The results seem to be lasting and I know Alissa keeps in touch with them.

I don't need to be convinced. But if you do, why don't you sign up for yourself and find out?