How to Phone and Prospect When It’s Just…Hard

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

The top two struggles most financial representatives (FRs) report having are phoning and prospecting.

Here’s what we hear as coaches:

I just don’t like doing it.

I hate rejection.

I forget to do it.

I run out of time.

And on and on

Many of these reasons can be overcome by questioning thoughts and beliefs, developing better habits, digging deep for motivation and addressing time management.

But what about the reason: “I just don’t like doing it." This is just straight up true for many of you. As coaches, we are not in the business of putting perfume on pigs. So let’s try hugging the pig instead.

First, write a list of five things outside of your practice that you really, really don’t like doing but you do them anyway because it’s for a good reason.

Here are some examples:

1) Go to the doctor

2) Do push-ups

3) Eat vegetables

4) Brush your teeth

5) Do laundry

How do you motivate yourself to do these things? Write down a list every single way that you overcome your resistance, aversion and avoidance for each of these. What ideas can you take from this and apply it to phoning and prospecting?

Most of the time, once you get over the moments of discomfort, you will likely find yourself busy doing the dreaded task and then it’s over. What if that’s all it would take to get yourself phoning or back into the habit of asking for referrals?

Is a few moments of discomfort worth it? What is the payoff for the discomfort? Write it down and revisit it every time you face your own opposition.

Last, envision the outcome. Picture yourself having done your 40 dials, having asked your client for referrals and gotten several names. Notice how it feels. Make a note of how your body responds, any emotions that come up and what your mood is like.

So…go ahead and not like it. Don’t fight it. Accept your real feelings and take your excuse right off the table.

Now go do your dials.