How are You Positioning Yourself for Success in 2015?

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

This is the time of year when most people are taking stock of last year, celebrating accomplishments, planning improvements and thinking about what they want 2015 to be like. However, many people find themselves swept up in busyness and forgetting their goals by February. How can you prevent this from happening and really make it happen this year?

Let’s start with your goals. Have you written them down? If you haven’t, there is a lot of power in putting them in writing. Next, if you were going to execute these goals today, what are the three actions you would take today?

Create your Daily Success Formula by carefully considering what three actions, if repeated Monday through Friday every single week of the year, would add up to success? Make the actions small enough that they feel do-able on a daily basis. If you miss a day or are out of the office, simply roll over the actions to the rest of the week and make it up. They should be small enough that you can do that.

Here is an example: Daily Success Formula

Set two new Fact Finders each day (10 per week)

Prospect in at least two meetings and get at least 2 QSs each time

When prospecting, always collaborate with the nominator to tee up the prospects

Now, make your own formula. Do the math, think it through, look at your ratios and calculate what you think it will add up to in terms of Lives, New Clients, Premium and GDC. Is this where you want to end the year? If not, keep working with your formula until you know exactly what it will take on a daily basis to really do it.

The last piece is accountability. For many, having a coach, mentor, Managing Director or spouse to check in with is very helpful. If you have an AFR, what about bringing them in on it proactively? Make your success, his/her success. For example, if you accomplish your formula for a week straight you and your AFR get a reward. For a month straight, an even bigger reward. Customize it to what is important to each of you.

For example, If you keep your daily success formula commitment for a month, let your AFR leave early or have an extra day of vacation time. If he or she likes financial incentives, plan what that might be. Perhaps you want to work together toward giving to a charity important to you both (or your team). Set up rewards that excite you both. No matter what you choose, your Daily Success Formula results should be an agenda item at every meeting and even a daily topic of discussion.

While annual goals are important, most humans struggle to wrap their brains around the impact of their actions on a time months or years from now. Leverage today and focus on what you can actually do in the present moment to finally get there. You can do it!