Harness Your 'Lizard' to Unleash Your Practice

By Guest Blogger Matt Lueder, CLU, ChFC, CFP, CASL, CLF, CAP, AEP Managing Partner Northwestern Mutual Milwaukee, WI

Apparently we all have a "lizard." That's what I learned when I met Alissa Gauger last April when she presented a talk to our agency with Karl Dettmann,The Kosnick Financial Network. I have to say that I have not really considered my reptilian brain much since biology class, but I am now.

Did you know that all it takes to set off a complex response throughout the entire body is a sense of "lack or attack"? A sense of lack could be triggered by not setting enough appointments because you're running out of QS's, for example, and an attack could come in the form of a client requesting a reversal. While it's possible to have your fight or flight response ("the lizard") set off by a true emergency, most of the time it's a false alarm that sends us into an uncomfortable state of anxiety over something is not a threat to our survival.

What does your "lizard" have to do with your career at Northwestern Mutual? Consider the following:

  • Business decisions made in a state of fight-or-flight are likely to be black and white
  • You are likely to feel fearful and anxious much of the time
  • Clients can feel your fear at a time when you most need them to feel comfortable and safe
  • The human instinct to move away from another human sending a distress signal is high
  • It is hard to attract business; you may be repellant in this state

Alissa's Unleash Your Practice┬« program delves deep into "the lizard" and provides you with the tools to manage him or her peacefully for a lifetime. Is it time to unleash your practice while harnessing your lizard? Your body (and your clients) will thank you!