Enjoy the Power of Enough

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

Notice how your body reacts to the following statement: “You need to make more dials, more sets, get more QSs and write more business.” Does your body become tense? Is it a little harder to breathe? Do you feel a little anxious? These are just some of the ways your body communicates “no” to you.

Let’s see if you can now feel “yes.” Think of the happiest moment of your life. Really re-live it. Feel every one of your five senses that occurred during that joyful time: what did you see, touch, taste, hear and smell? How does your body feel now? Make a note of your reaction. This is your body’s way of saying “yes.” Did you notice that your “no" tension melted away, it became easier to breathe and the anxiety disappeared? This is how you should feel all the time!

One way to get to feeling the sensations of “yes” day in and day out as you run your practice is to establish what “enough” is for you. The statement above contained four incidences of the word “more” with no signs of stopping. More dials, more sets, more QSs, more business…more, more more! If this is how you approach your practice, you are likely to experience tension, difficulty breathing and anxiety as your “normal” feelings. This is NOT normal! Slogging through every day on a hamster wheel is not sustainable, enjoyable or healthy. Nor is it magnetic to help you attract clients. This mindset is deeply entrenched in a feeling of scarcity which tells your body that something is wrong. But it is not. Reassure yourself that enough is enough. 

Start with dials. What is your “enough?” Figure out how exactly many sets you need to make each day. What is that number? Dial only until you achieve your number. Then stop.

How does your body react when you set and achieve the goal? You have enough. Do you feel the peace settle in?

Today, try getting off the hamster wheel and let some energy and feelings of hope flood back into your body. This is the first step to really building a sustainable career at Northwestern Mutual. 

Your work is enough. You are enough. You are more than enough.