Do You Dread Your Daily Dials?

By Alissa Gauger, MBA, Certified Life Coach

There is another way. For some, forty dials is the magic number. However, if it is causing you stress, a feeling of numbness or unhappiness in your practice, maybe it’s time to look at doing less dials and more sets. If you dial robotically for the sake of hitting a certain number, is this approach serving you right now?

Stop for a moment and think about how you feel now when you dial. Jot down your observations. For example, do you feel bored, disconnected, anxious? Or do you feel excited and relaxed? If you are not feeling like you can relax and connect with others, spend some time getting ready to dial. Do NOT dial until you can calm yourself and feel centered in your body. Take your time.

Now, if you are ready, proceed by taking three slow deep breaths. Feel your feet on the floor, notice your legs and what it feels like to sit in your chair. What do your arms feel like on the armrests? Are your shoulders and neck relaxed? See if you can scan your body for tension, shortness of breath, fear or other sensations. Where do you feel them? Write down what you notice. Spend some time getting your whole body to relax. This can take just moments and is a good investment of your time.

Next, choose a QS that you don’t have any negative feelings about (such as “I’ve already left him nine #@%! voicemails, argh!”). Choose one that causes you to relax and feel hopeful. Take three more breaths and do another body scan. Dial the phone while imaging the individual's face and envisioning them picking up the phone. Hold your body upright in your chair with your shoulders rolled back and your chin up. Continue to breathe and stay in the present moment.

When the person picks up the phone, lower your voice a bit and slow way, way down. Take your time. Identify who you are and where you are calling from with pride. Imagine reaching through the phone to convey how much you care about helping this person. Keep breathing and staying present. Be authentic. See if you talk without planned language or a script and just convey your sincere message. You know the script…now be more than a script!

Stop dialing and take a break if you cannot maintain a feeling of relaxation and connectedness. Repeat the steps when you are ready to set.

Next week…voicemails and how to get people to call you back!