Design Your Own Prospecting Language

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

Imagine you are wearing a borrowed shirt from your friend. Maybe it is too tight and it’s hard to move your arms and you cannot button it up. Or maybe it’s very loose and looks silly hanging off your body. Either way, wearing someone else’s clothing that does not fit you doesn’t work so well.

This is what it is like when you borrow other Financial Representative’s (FR) language or scripts when prospecting. The language may fit them to perfection and work extremely well. But when you use it, poof—the magic vaporizes. The reason for this is that the best language for you is your own unique and authentic expression, not someone else’s. Drawing ideas and inspiration from others is one thing—quoting them word for word is another.

So let me issue a challenge. If you use a mish-mash of other people’s words, or their verbatim script, or red letter language and it’s not working—put it aside. It’s time for you to dig deep and find your own unique message and way of communicating. Try writing your own language and see what happens. What do you have to lose?

First, what is your personal “why?” Why are you in this business besides making an income? Here are some possibilities:

  • Love to meet and connect people
  • Enjoy helping others
  • Like the challenge of solving financial planning problems

Figure out which of these or other “why’s” really fuels you. Now use that in your language. For example:

Love to meet and connect people:

this is a great reason to ask for referrals. You met the person in front of you this way and you can honestly tell them that you’d enjoy meeting more people like them. You are a born connector who enjoys being a resource to others yourself or pointing them to other resources. You can just say this. If it’s true for you it will sound very sincere and hopefully energize your clients to join the party.

Enjoy helping others:

if you hold a deep conviction that you are on this planet to serve than you can use this type of language. (If not, do not try it. It will sound cheesy and phony.) For a person with this “why” the reason for meeting more people is a deep passion to make a difference. It is a mission. You can motivate your clients to help you in your quest to genuinely help people live better lives by telling them your truth. You care deeply and want to reach more people.

Like the challenge of problems and presenting solutions:

you likely enjoy comprehensive cases that take some time and research. If you enjoy solving tax challenges, estate planning, and other complex cases then you have a great story to tell. Let your clients know that you excel at this type of work and are actively seeking clients who are looking for someone with the skills and ability to help them with problem-solving. Clients can be guided easily through your explanation of what you do best to think of people who have a real need for what you offer.

Once you know your “why” brainstorm some language of your own. Try it out. Practice it a lot. Be willing to change it (sometimes right in the meeting). I’m guessing you will feel more confident and get better results when you are dressing, talking and acting like yourself. Who better to be than the talented and capable, authentic YOU?