Authenticity is the New Productivity

By Guest Blogger, Malory Ogrizovich - Unleash Your Practice® Program Director

Building relationships and connection is the foundation of a strong financial practice with Northwestern Mutual and a fulfilling life.

Martha Beck Certified Coach Alissa Gauger takes this one step further than Al Granum to say that we must first find our own inner person or as Alissa calls it, our essential self and to live by heart. Dr. Beck is an internationally acclaimed life coach and best selling author.

In an article called "Set it Free," Dr. Beck writes that when you learn to live by heart, “it will chart you a life’s journey as unique and authentic as your fingerprint; send you out, full of hope and breathtaking exhilaration, onto paths you never thought you could travel.”

When we deepen our connection with ourself and start living authentically, we can’t help but effortlessly attract other people who are genuine, and very much like who we are.

I have been told by so many that they have felt a dramatic shift in their practice and life after just one hour spent with Alissa. I am overwhelmed with excitement to think of the individuals who have already committed to spend three full days with her at the Unleash Your Practice® coaching immersion program.

Are you ready for an exhilarating journey? Ready to leave your unique print on the world? This program is like no other, just like you. Join us.