Are You Riding a Roller Coaster in Your Practice?

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

You hear the “click, click, click” as the roller coaster car chugs uphill, straining to reach the peak of the hill. You know what comes next—the exhilarating thrill of the downward drop! Your stomach loops in a circles as the rush takes your breath away. But now you find yourself at the bottom of the hill again—and it’s a long way up.

Do you ever feel like you are trapped in the roller coaster cycle in your practice? Perhaps you really hustle and earn a large commission check. Is your tendency to then take your foot off the gas because you feel like you need a break, can coast just fine now or that you simply can’t grind out any more production? Welcome to the ride.

The good news is that there is no roller coaster except the one you create! The roller coaster is just a symptom of a grind you may have found yourself in. How would you like off this ride? How about trading it in for a high speed train flying consistently at a target that it will reach? I invite you to try it. Here’s how.

First, reflect on the last year. Do you have any of these roller coaster symptoms?

High peaks and low troughs in your production

The tendency to have really bad months after a big commission check

A feeling that you “can’t keep going” sometimes, that it’s all a grind

Activity that is all over the place and inconsistent

A fear that you may not be able to replicate a certain month

Motivation that comes from panic, anxiety or fear after a long period of low activity

If you can see that you have gotten on the roller coaster, now you can get off. The roller coaster is not sustainable because it is depends on you using fear and adrenaline to motivate yourself. Can you see this pattern continuing for a career? Most can’t sustain it for more than a few years. While the highs may be fun, the lows can be miserable. It is a formula for burnout and pain.

Here’s a way out:

First, settle on your target for 2015. Imagine a straight, flat track driving right at it. You can ride this train every day. Figure out what your goals translate into as far as daily activity. If you can maintain basic minimum daily activities, you will level out a lot of highs and lows and enjoy a steadier stream of revenue.

Here’s a sample formula:

Every day set 2 new Fact Finders

Every day prospect every time you have the opportunity

Every time you’re prospecting, work with your nominators to tee up your prospects

Create your own formula. What are the core activities that create consistency and balance for your practice? Place a simple set of minimums that you know you can sustain and commit to. Imagine your new thrill: never worrying about payroll or overhead again, leveling out your practice activity so you never have to grind, being able to confidently set and meet goals and so much more.