Add Adventure to Your Prospecting

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

Prospecting can take on so many forms. Have you let yourself explore all of them?


You are well aware of prospecting in every meeting, maximizing tools such as feeder lists, conducting center of influence (COI) meetings and attending networking events. But have you taken advantage yet of prospecting in a way that is genuinely fun for you?

It can be done! Start by writing a list of all of the activities that you would truly personally enjoy doing. Then, consider which ones your clients could be invited to join you in doing. This is your bucket list. You know—the one you never seem to get to can finally get some attention!

Take some time to write a list of adventurous, fun, intriguing activities outside of your usual ones (such as golfing) to expand your own horizons. Golfing will work well for many of your clients but you may find that you bond more trying something really new together, too. Check out tourism websites, local events calendars, charity events and websites about outdoor classes and activities for ideas. Think of indoor and outdoor possibilities so that you can prospect this way year round.

Next write a list of your very best clients with whom you genuinely enjoy spending time. They are the ones that when you see them on your calendar you feel excited to see. They are advocates who really understand integrated planning and speak highly of you because they really get it and truly appreciate your value.

Block out some days on your calendar that can be spent prospecting with clients through the end of the year. Call your clients and ask them to choose an activity and then invite others in their circle to join you (if you wish). Some activities may be better spent just bonding with the client. Use your own judgment to determine the objective of the outing and how to best achieve it.

Consider including other professionals on these excursions such as CPAs, attorneys and other connectors. They can share the costs with you, add value to the client and to you, and also benefit their own companies.

Adding adventure to your prospecting mix can get you out of the office and meeting people. It's unlikely that you'll meet a lot of new people if you never leave your office. This can give you something to look forward to frequently that will also grow your business. Get out there!

Coaching Tip Start by writing your own bucket list from your heart. Don't hold back. Some of these activities may involve travel or trying new things for the first time. Risk being vulnerable! Once you have your list of clients you'd like to prospect with schedule them for months in advance. No one stands up a "meeting" to skydive!