Learn how to use life coaching to coach financial professionals to achieve the most in their practice AND lives! Become certified through the Unleash Your Practice Coach Training. This program will teach you how to support the personal and professional development of financial advisors and their teams through a highly specialized and unique coaching approach that honors the whole individual. Our program has proven results in the industry. You are preparing to join a program that produces coaches who help advisors become happy and satisfied with their lives.

You will learn from Certified Life Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA, who has been working with financial advisors and entrepreneurs for years. Alissa understands what it takes to run a successful practice. She melds coaching tools with her practical knowledge of what it takes to grow and sustain a practice. In addition to her Martha Beck coaching certification, Alissa is a Kolbe Consultant, Equus Coach and TRE Provider.

Alissa is joined by Certified Life Coach and TRE Provider Malory Ogrizovich, former Northwestern Mutual Training Director and Financial Advisor and Practice Manager Megan Haefner.

With her team, Gauger invites you to join her for this intensive journey to heal yourself so that you may then heal others.

The Unleash Your Practice Coach Training Program was an extremely informative and thorough program. The classes were fun, engaging and something I looked forward to. I was blown away by the amount of knowledge and material provided that I continue to learn more from as I grow in my coaching practice. As a coach coming out of the program I feel confident, well prepared, and supported by the whole Unleash Your Practice team. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to pursue this rewarding and life changing career!
— Lisa Kann, Certified Unleash Your Practice Coach
I feel privileged to be a part of the first ever Unleash Your Practice coach training program. It was a timely gift. When I was initially introduced to Alissa in early 2015, I was very intrigued and a seed of hope was planted to someday be a coach. Throughout the training, Alissa and her team were extremely supportive and very flexible with me and my full-time work schedule. What I loved about the program was that I had the chance to combine my experience of working with Northwestern Mutual and my passion for transformational growth and development. Not only have I learned the coaching skills and tools needed to most effectively partner with NM advisors and teams, I have also left with a better awareness of myself and clearer sense of what I want.
— Connie Moroz, MSW, LCSW, Certified Unleash Your Practice Coach

The six-month coach training program consists of two, two-hour calls per week, a minimum of 50 logged practice coaching hours and a written exam upon completion of the program graded by Certified Life Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA and Certified Life Coach Malory Ogrizovich.

The fee for the six month training is $3995.